There is an enormous amount of pressure in the world we live in, to be one hell of a hot woman.

We all feel it.

We are told that we are capable. We are told that we are strong. We can do and be anything we want.

But are you beautiful? Are you sexy enough?

It's ironic, with so much chatter lately on women's liberation and a new sex positive femi-nazi movement that's being spread all over the media, that our outward appearance is still the thing that defines us. Why is it that there are Instagram models effortlessly earning millions of dollars from seductive advertisement, while there are teachers, doctors, etc left struggling financially? Sex sells.

Seething, man-hating, women are gathering by the masses in defiant marches and are encouraged to, "free the nipple', and wear vagina hats. While there are some women marching for "freedom" while wearing costumes of genitalia, there are women who are in literal bondage and getting their genitals mutilated.

// Made to shock & awe.

Do you remember the days when feminists actually used to challenge the objectification of women? Now, as long as we are the ones allowing ourselves to be objectified, it's completely acceptable as long as it's on our own terms...

The broken culture of our generation has distorted the way we view the beauty of a woman's body. Augmentation has become the new status quo, while natural bodies are seemingly abnormal. Photos of near or fully naked women are like common currency that you can find around any given corner. We have become so desensitized to what comes across our line of sight, that virtually nothing shocks our system anymore.

The female body was designed to shock & awe, and leave you speechless. There should be an adrenaline rush when a man lays his eyes on a woman's body. That is just one of the many reasons that pornography is so destructive. Viewers get addicted to the endorphin's released when consuming those images. There is a physical and chemical response when looking at a woman's body. Men aren't the only ones that are prone to struggle with lust, by the way. Straight women can struggle with lusting after other women in a different way, just as much, and it's just as devastating. I am not just talking about full on pornography. There is a whole grey area of "soft porn," that our generation is more than comfortable with participating & indulging in.

// Comparison, jealousy, & insecurity breed lust.

Our generation of young women, can spend countless hours innocently scrolling through social media accounts following hundreds of Instagram icons and models, subconsciously comparing themselves against the images they consistently cloud their minds with. They are left with an unspoken, painful blow of never feeling beautiful enough, skinny enough, or thick enough. Their minds go into a full waged war for something hopelessly unattainable. Comparing themselves against the augmented and hyper sexualized images is a dangerous war that can be hard to overcome. It becomes a form of lust and addiction to feeling inadequate and trying to figure out how to become more like what they see on the screen.

So called fitness accounts are blatantly promoting augmented breasts and abnormally large augmented butts alongside their products. Our bodies were never meant to be hottest strategy in product marketing. Obviously, there is a big difference between having a legitimate career in high fashion modeling and licensed fitness trainers who work really hard for a living, between the repackaged sex that is selling under the guise of something professional and respectable. Using your body parts to profit in the marketplace is just not that impressive.

Take the image below for example; On the left, is a well known and respected high fashion modeling agency's account. On the right, is one of the top accounts listed when the word, "fitness" is searched and is the most decent screenshot I felt I could share. Both accounts have well over a million followers. The photos on the right have nothing to do with fitness in my book. I'm sorry if it offends you, but do you see a difference? It's not exactly porn, but it's dangerously close enough.

#bodygoals #goddess #fitness #beauty //

// You're allowed to be sexy.

In today's culture it can be so hard to be one of the rare ones. We are constantly reaffirmed that if you want to be seen, heard, & acknowledged for whatever you are gifted with, you won't get very far unless you show a little more skin than the last girl and use your sexuality. We see it in the entertainment industry all the time. Becoming desirable to men, & publicly flaunting your sexual prowess at any moment, have become the ultimate goal.

I am not saying we should hide under a rock and dress like nuns, (unless that's your thing then go on ahead.) Being attractive, sexy, and being confident is not a sin. I love looking and feeling beautiful. Who doesn't love being admired and desired? Contrary to the worlds popular opinion, and as a married woman, I believe that my body is meant to be viewed sexually and enjoyed only by my husband. The beauty of my body is a gift to him. I wouldn't want my husband casually scrolling onto photos like above, nor would he want me producing images like that for others to consume for their own hidden bedroom pleasure.

While the world is busy freely offering repackaged sex and labeling it as "beauty," we can be one of the rare ones. We can afford to have just a little more mystery wrapped around us. We can afford to have beauty that is hidden & left to be discovered.

We are allowed to be hot. Just remember, we are so much more than just our boobs and our butts. Sex appeal isn't just all about revealing skin and body parts. There is plenty of that to go around. There is something extremely sexy about mystery and not enough of it. Something that takes risk & pursuit is far more alluring & valued to the pursuer than anything freely given.

You are gold.


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