Many of you may have seen advertisements for Hubble contacts. They have a two week free trial with $3 shipping and handling.

I thought that was a pretty good deal to try it out supposedly risk-free. Plus, I would save some money buying cheaper contacts. I usually fork out $60-70 for Acuve Oyasis, which I've worn for years with no complaint.

First, when I received my package it arrived promptly within 3 days of ordering with attractive packaging. I only wore the contacts for about four hours before it began to hurt my eyes. I pressed through the irritation until my eyes actually began to burn by the sixth hour, so I finally took them out. 

I am notorious for wearing my contacts for longer than I should, but I have never experienced such irritation from wearing contacts. I only wore the Hubble contacts for 5 hours for 3 days straight. I experienced stinging, burning sensation, dryness, and eye soreness within less than a few hours of wear. 

Unlike other reviewers, I had no issues with their customer service and canceling my account, which would've charged me $30 a month. Some have complained that even sl after canceling their free trial, they were still charged full price. I'll update if that happens. 

Hubble does not verify your prescription with your eye doctor and they also use poor quality materials, which all major brands of contacts discontinued using years ago. 

Stick with your quality brand contacts and trust your optometrist. You only get one set of eyes. Your vision is worth it.


In compliance with the FTC guidelines, you can assume that all advertised links are affiliate links. Which means, if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps fund this website and support my family. Rest assured, I only recommend products that I have personally used, natural or organic, researched, and fully stand by.


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